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You might have seen our last blog post all about our new Land Rover Sun Collection, if you haven't then you can find it here: https://andrewandrogers.com/blogs/news/introducing-land-rover-2019-sunglasses-collection.


Today we're going to talk to you about our Range Rover Sun Collection, a welcome addition to our wide portfolio of brands here at Andrew & Rogers.


To put it simply, Range Rover Eyewear is the ultimate luxury fashion accessory for the modern man.


Range Rover Sunglasses



The Range Rover brand is famous for it's commitment to quality, style, and design, so it's no wonder that their move into eyewear has produced some outstanding frames.


Revolutionary NXT polarised lenses are used within every frame in the collection. These premium lenses eliminate rays and offer full UV protection, resulting in high definition vision in all light conditions, in addition to superior colour clarity.



Range Rover Sunglasses RS100 Black



Not only do these sunglasses include specialised polarised lenses, but they also have superior quality coatings. These include hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti reflection coatings. These coatings help to repel water and sweat, dust and dirt particles, meaning that they require less cleaning, which is always a bonus right?



Range Rover Sunglasses RS100 Gold



The signature piece of this collection is the Range Rover Sun 100 in Gold. These frames are an iconic aviator style, with a subtle twist in the perforated leather-wrapped top bar. The brown graduated lenses compliment the polished and satin gold finishes perfectly, and teamed with the sleek yet subtle branding, this frame possesses an effortless retro designer feel.


Range Rover Sunglasses RS100 Black


The signature piece of this collection is also available in black, an obvious choice for those who desire a more modern look. Made from 100% Japanese titanium, there is no questioning the quality of this frame.


We're really excited to launch both our Land Rover and Range Rover Sun Collections into our store, but, we still have another brand to announce very soon, so keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended)!


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