Blepharitis Treatments

Andrew and Rogers Optometrists offer a specialist service which involves a revolutionary new device which is designed to treat blepharitis. First of all, our optometrists will diagnose the type of blepharitis that you have – this is crucial, as the treatment for each type is different. The procedure involves running a spinning medical grade sponge impregnated with a specialised cleaning agent along the eye lid margins, cleaning scurf, debris and bacteria from the eye lids and lashes. This treatment is often the only way to remove this “plaque”, which acts as a home for bacteria. Patients feel the lids are refreshed following the procedure, and often report that the symptoms that they have been experiencing of discomfort, grittiness and stinging are immediately improved. Please call the practice and ask our knowledgeable staff if you would like to know more about this specialist Blephex treatment.

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